The Heatherley School of Fine Art £65 / 60 Friends & Students 10am - 4pm

This day long session offers a chance to examine the process of watercolour painting in the studio.


Long associated with observational painting, watercolour offers the artist a wide-range of possibilities. With a myriad of choices to be made from surfaces and paints to brushes, not to mention source material (drawings, sketches, studies, photographs), which work best?  What can we learn from the art of the past? When is a watercolour painting finished?


The day will take a stage by stage approach to making a painting, in an attempt to answer some of these fundamental problems and aim to produce a watercolour painting in the studio.


All experience levels welcome.




List of Materials to Bring Along:

- watercolours (tubes or pans)/inks

-brushes of all thicknesses and types

-paper of differing thicknesses

-If you prefer: paper stretched on a board pencils/graphite stick other

-drawing materials; including coloured pencils & a putty rubber

-plenty of plain paper towel & a water jar 

-Source material as suits: this might include sketches, studies, photographs (digital or otherwise), material for collage use.