Art for Spring: Refresh your home with art this spring

Spring is the season of change, renewal and hope; with winter giving way to longer, sunnier days and the promise of warmth, it is only natural that we should see this as the perfect time of year to reinvigorate our homes and embrace the energy that comes with the new season.


We are here to remind you that your springtime spruce-up can be about so much more than just cleaning. As we shake off the heavy cobwebs of winter, this is a great opportunity to explore the ways in which we can welcome the outside in… And what better way to do so than with art?


Here are some top tips for giving your home that much needed ‘art-refresh’ this spring.


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Artwork: Suzy Fasht ARWS, New Growth, watercolour. £450 unframed. Enquire.


1. Make an entrance that sings.

Despite rarely being our first port of call in the curation of art, hallways are typically the first thing that we are met with upon entering our homes - so it’s worth injecting them with that ‘wow’ factor. There are few better ways to transform your home than with a stunning piece of art that greets you (and your guests) the moment you step through the door.



Artwork: Claire Denny ARWS, Summer Garden, watercolour & ink. £275 unframed. Enquire.


2. Liven up your shelves.

Our shelves, mantelpieces and furniture-tops have the potential to become so much more than just functional storage spaces. In fact, they are a perfect place to display art without committing to a particular layout, or a re-decorating job later down the line. If you're looking for a really quick and simple solution to freshening up your home this spring, then shelf art is the way forward.



Artwork: Libby Lloyd ARE, Lilac Atomic Sunflower, original digital print. £495 unframed. Enquire.


3. Flowers!

Okay, okay. So perhaps botanicals for spring may not be the most inspired idea - but just hear us out! Although admittedly a cliché, flowers and plants really do have the power to breathe new life into a space - and the same is true of flowers in art.


When you hear of floral artworks, you might not envisage something quite so graphic and impactful as this digital print by Libby Lloyd ARE. It is a great example of the ways in which art can surprise, inspire and delight - and despite not being your typical spring-floral, it still does incredibly well to inject some colour and life into the room. So, whatever botanical art you are drawn to, they are sure to lift the mood and energy of your space.



Top left artwork: Rachel Gracey RE, San Diego, lithograph & relief print. £290 unframed. Enquire.

Bottom left artwork: Rachel Gracey RE, Santa Barbara, lithograph & relief print. £290 unframed. Enquire.

Middle artwork: Julia Manning RE, Mad Bay, wood cut. £450 unframed. Enquire.

Top right: Anne Marlow RWS, Walled Garden, watercolour & pastel. £245 unframed. Enquire.


4. Embrace a little escapism.

It is no secret that art can help inspire creativity - it can also transport you to another place and time altogether. This spring, why not look to transform your live and work spaces with serene seascapes or vibrant summer scenes? Even if the view from your own window isn't quite the sunny scene you would like, you can always have something to gaze into for inspiration and hope for things to come.



Artwork: John Crossley RWS, Love Blossoms, watercolour & gouache. £760 unframed. Enquire.


5. Say 'YES' to bold, bright and abstract artworks.

 We just love this bright yellow watercolour painting by John Crossley RWS. Our kitchens and dining spaces are the hubs of the home, and nothing celebrates this more than a bold statement piece of art.



Left artwork: Margaret Ashman RE, Fragile Earth 1, photo etching. £460 unframed. Enquire.

Right artwork: Margaret Ashman RE, Fragile Earth 2, photo etching. £460 unframed. Enquire.


6. Calming artworks make for calming spaces.

Finally, if you're looking to create a calming space in your home this spring (who isn't??), art is once again a great solution. Look to serene land and seascapes, peaceful figurative works, or colour palettes that you find soothing - this will instantly help to give your home that gentle 'refresh', and transform your room into a space that you feel compelled to relax and spend time in.



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March 28, 2022