Book Review: After Mostly: A Story of Downsizing by Richard Sorrell


Whilst it’s impossible to estimate how many words have, to date, been written about Brexit, Google, alarmingly, throws up twice as many results for it as for the Second World War and, unlike the Second World War, Brexit hasn’t even begun yet!


So some Brexit pictures make a pleasant change. Richard Sorrell’s AMAZING AMUSING DOWNSIZING BREXhibITion opens at Bankside Gallery on 24th July and runs until 29th July 2018. Accompanying the show is a picture book 'After Mostly: a story of downsizing', “a riches-to-rags story that was”, Richard explains, “prompted by the outcome of the EU referendum.”


The drawings in the story are based on paintings made throughout Richard's career and other paintings have, in turn, derived from the drawings. Richard has described himself as “a painter of invented figurative pictures” elucidating further: “People doing things”. He has also said that his distinctive pictures are “reinventions of reality, based on a lifetime of drawing and painting and looking at life”.


Impossible to categorise, 'After Mostly' is quirky, shrewd and idiosyncratic. And after all those words about Brexit, looking at pictures (which, after all, each paint at least a thousand words) inspired by the subject is a welcome relief, especially when painted by an artist as unorthodox and observant as Richard Sorrell.


- Tim Donovan, Gallery & RWS Assistant at Bankside Gallery



July 4, 2018