Three Reasons Why Art Makes the Perfect Present

With swanky new gadgets catching the eyes of consumers far and wide, we are here to tell you why you should be turning your attention towards the handmade this Christmas.


It is officially that time of year. The roads are animated with festive lights and tinsel, shop fronts adorned with baubles, Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want for Christmas is You’ is on a constant, never-ending loop. For many, this induces a sudden and all-consuming sense of impending doom over the concept of yet another year’s shopping trip. Images spring to mind of hours spent trawling the high street, desperately searching for inspiration, racking your brains and exhausting every possible option, yet still nothing. You see yourself mirrored in each and every one of the frenzied shoppers who pass you by, equally distraught at the trip’s overall lack of success. Dazed and defeated at 5 minutes to close, you scurry into a nearby Body Shop and pick out the first gift box you can find - Strawberry Scented; a change from last year’s Mango & Passionfruit. We’ve all been there.


Of course, not all Christmas Shopping trips are quite so demanding. In fact, many of you are experts, having bought and wrapped your present’s months in advance ready to be presented effortlessly in a perfect pile just moments after completing the tree. However, with swanky new gadgets that cost a small fortune catching the eyes of consumers far and wide, the pressure is certainly on for us to find the ‘perfect’ gift.


We are here to tell you why you should be turning your attention away from the digital, and towards the handmade this Christmas.


So… Why is art the perfect Christmas present?


1. It is unique and personal.


There are few gestures that compare to the thought and consideration that goes into selecting a piece of artwork for a friend or loved one. Buying somebody a piece of art demonstrates not only an emotional connection to the recipient, but also an understanding of them as a person. You may find a piece that reflects a memory or shared experience, or one which reminds you of them in a particular way. It can be as simple as seeing something which you know will make them smile. Whatever the reason, the gift of art is a special way of saying you care in a medium that is decidedly intimate and thoughtful.

On top of this, in a world full of commodities, art presents a rare and invaluable opportunity to present someone with a gift that is both unique and unusual.


2. It is the gift that keeps on giving…


With modern technology developing at an impossible rate, art holds a certain timelessness that is unparalleled. The joy and curiosity that comes with purchasing a new phone or iPad remains ephemeral, with each ‘new’ gadget soon to be bested by a newer model. Meanwhile, a work of art becomes a constant in our lives, the presence of which we will continue to enjoy for years to come.

Not only do artworks have a lasting emotional value, but they are also sustainable alternatives to gifts with short lifespans. Art is the gift that lasts a lifetime!


3. It supports local businesses and local artists.


Last, but certainly not least, through buying art you are supporting independent artists and local institutions. Whilst we are all guilty of succumbing to the allure of Amazon Next-Day Delivery and one-click purchases made from the comfort of our own homes, there is something rather wonderful about knowing that your investment is helping real working artists and those who facilitate their practice.


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November 28, 2019