David Wiseman ARWS

David Wiseman has been painting for over 35 years since leaving the Royal College of Art in 1975, mostly in his garden studio. He has taught painting in numerous art schools across the country and has exhibited widely both as an individual and in many important selected group exhibitions. These include the New Contemporaries, John Moores , Hayward Annual, R.A. Summer Exhibition, Discerning Eye, London Group Open  etc. His individual shows include those at the Serpentine Gallery and Peterborough City Museum.


From initial stains of colour pooled and overpainted to saturation, through an agitation of calligraphic incidents almost amounting to automatic writing, David stirs up his and our memory to bring to mind a sense of place that is evidently real. His landscapes are the sum of experience of summer and winter, north and south, past and present, sights and imaginings... a beechwood brightens into the parrot plumage of a tropical jungle; the darkness mines the depth of the forests that have now become coal. One flick of a brushstroke utters the ghost of a primeval fern and another discovers a vein of gold or a torrent of molten rock and the water comes forth like the sea.