Fiona McIntyre ARE

Fiona McIntyre's work is inspired by wild landscapes, trees and memory. She is fascinated by the meaning that can be attached to unfamiliar places that one is not originally from, and the the layers of meaning enfolded within these locations whether through myth, stories or geology.

After spending childhood summers on the West Coast of Scotland wild landscapes became an important artistic influence and inspired her to travel far afield as an adult. She spent 7 years living and working as an artist in South Sweden becoming fluent in the language and regularly travelled to Iceland. 

Increasingly she collaborates on art/eco projects and has been instrumental in raising funds, producing a film and designing catalogues as well as making artworks. Currently she works with natural pigments and inks which she forages and mull into paint. This counterbalances an intuitive approach to printmaking which she learned from her Swedish Professor the Imaginist Bertil Lundberg whom Stanley William Haytor had mentored. When printmaking she works with copper because its surface is fine and capable of receiving a variety of marks and she likes to etch deeply and combine this with engraving, aquatint and drypoint.