Ruozhe Xue ARE

Ruozhe is interested in deconstructing the world we live in, de-familiarizing it and making it absurd. By changing the inner logic of the visible world that surrounds us, and its relationship to the human bodies, he tries to intensify the psychological tension within the constructions of a print. Positioning figures into empty but enclosed spaces, the land of nowhere, in order to construct the internal narrative on the flat surface. What he tries in his work is to emanate silence, calmness, and infinity, an oddness that is known, yet unable to be described. When looking at Xue’s works, Something suddenly becomes unreal, the setting is in reality, it is as if it is real, but also the disavowal of that, the refusal, the reality is set up, and then there is a turn. The prints set up a principle of reality, then refuse it, switched into another realm. The prints are not quite ghostly, but something else appears. It is not as reality expects it… all is not so. Reality stops functioning here.