ONLINE EXHIBITION: Art Fundraiser in aid of Ukraine: 100% proceeds to the DEC's Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal

16 - 23 March 2022

We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who supported our art fundraiser in aid of Ukraine. We were blown away by the generosity of artists and buyers alike. 



In response to the horrific events unfolding in Ukraine, we launched an online art fundraiser with 100% of the proceeds going to the Disasters Emergency Committee’s Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal.

This exhibition is made up of a brilliant selection of paintings and original prints, all of which have been very generously donated by artists of the Royal Watercolour Society (RWS) and Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers (RE).


All artworks are unframed, available to buy immediately online and have delivered straight to your door.

We hope that you enjoy this collection and find an artwork to treasure, while supporting such an important cause.


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Thank you to all the RWS and RE artists below who donated work for this fundraiser:



Hilary Adair RE

Emiko Aida RE

Jim Anderson RE

Margaret Ashman RE

Denise Ballard-Wyllie ARE

Gerry Baptist RWS RE

Dale Devereux Barker RE

Mychael Barratt PPRE Hon. RWS 

Jo Barry RE

Richard Bawden RWS RE

Melanie Bellis RE

June Berry RWS Hon. RE

Jeremy Blighton RE

Laura Boswell ARE

Neil Bousfield RE

James Boyd Brent RE

David Brayne Hon. Ret RWS

Janet Brooke RE

Ian Brown ARE

John Bryce RE

Liz Butler RWS

Corinna Button RE

Daphne Casdagli RE

Paul Catherall RE

Thomas Coates RWS

Austin Cole ARE

Lottie Cole ARWS

Julie D Cooper RWS

Richenda Court ARE

Danielle Creenaune ARE

Hilary Daltry RE

Louise Davies RE

Diarmuid Delargy RE

Claire Denny ARWS

Anne Desmet RE

Justin Diggle RE

Meg Dutton RE

Gordon Ellis-Brown ARE

Suzy Fasht ARWS


Fernando Feijoo RE

Marianne Ferm RE

David Ferry PRE

Ros Ford RE

Chloe Fremantle RWS

Alessandra Genualdo RWS

Janet Golphin RWS

Veta Gorner RE

Rachel Gracey RE

Sarah Granville ARE

Terence Gravett ARE

Michelle Griffiths VPRE

David Hamilton RWS

Roger Harris RE

Brenda Hartill RE

Weimin He RE

Julie Held RWS

Ben Hendy RE

Sarah Holliday RWS

Sue Howells RWS

Jim Hunter VPRWS

H J Jackson RE

Mary Jackson RWS

Wendy Jacob RWS

Karen Keogh RE

Anita Klein PPRE Hon. RWS 

Sophie Knight RWS

Linda Landers RE

Stephen Lawlor RE

Ursula Leach RE

Jill Leman PRWS

Martin Leman RWS

Angie Lewin RWS RE

Jane Lewis RWS

Elizabeth Lloyd ARE

Anne Lynch RWS

Julia Manning RE

Sasa Marinkov RE

Anne Marlow RWS

Sonia Martin ARE

Caroline Mcadam Clark RWS

Colin Merrin RWS

Michael Middleton RWS RE

Julia Midgley RWS RE

Bridget Moore RWS

Rika Newcombe ARWS

Jackie Newell RE

Lars Nyberg RE

Sumi Perera RE

Howard Phipps ARE

Sioban Piercy RE

Simon Pierse RWS

Neil Pittaway RWS RE

Trevor Price RE

Salliann Putman RWS

Peter Quinn RWS

Mark Raggett VPRWS

Simon Redington RE

Paul Regan RWS

Nick Richards RE

Martin Ridgwell RE

Sula Rubens ARWS

Linda Saul ARWS

Margaret Sellars RE

Nana Shiomi RE

Serena Smith ARE

Andrew Stock RE

David Sully ARE

Glynn Thomas RE

Lisa Traxler RWS

Bren Unwin PPRE Hon. RWS

Frans Wesselman RE

Annie Williams RWS RE

Judy Willoughby RE

David Wiseman ARWS

Wai Wong ARE