#BanksideBrowsers: The Art of Love

We're celebrating love in all shapes and sizes - from the love we have for our family and friends, to the love we have for our partners (and, of course, our pets!). We have delved deep into the #BanksideBrowsers to find some of the artworks that are giving us all the feels this Valentine's Day...


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Trevor Price RE

Fine Wine, Fruit and Fish

drypoint / relief print

£275 Unframed




We can always rely on Trevor Price to perfectly capture those special moments shared between loved ones. This dinner set up with a picture-perfect view out over St Ives looks like the ideallic way to spend an evening - fine wine, fruit and fish?! Sign us up.



Martin Ridgwell RE

An Awfully Big Adventure


£140 Unframed




Something about this scene depicting such a pure friendship between a young boy and his dog, both off on a big adventure, sparks a wonderful sense of nostalgia. If this picture doesn't scream 'love' then we don't know what does.



Gail Brodholt RE

Remember Me II


£360 Unframed




We love this intimate snapshot of a couple standing together at a train station. While Gail has left a certain amount of ambiguity surrounding the nature of their meeting (or parting, as the title may suggest), we like to think this will not be the last time these two see each other. Perhaps we're just romantics at heart!



Frans Wesselman RE



£160 Unframed




A mother sits back, resting her eyes and enjoying a moment of peace while holding her baby closely to her chest - the child, who appears either to be sleeping or feeding, seems entirely at home in her mothers arms. You can't get a much more wholesome celebration of love than this image.



Charles Williams RWS

Young Woman with Happy Dog


£175 Unframed




This happy little dog having its nose tickled by its beloved owner is everything we need to see to get us feeling entirely loved up.



Julia Midgley RWS RE

Family Group


£90 Unframed




Finally, we couldn't celebrate love without sharing this beautiful little image of a young family by Julia Midgley. The figures' limbs wrap around one another, blurring almost into one, making this group embrace all the more sweet.

February 10, 2022