James Faure Walker RWS

"I make one large drawing a day as part of a studio routine, sometimes in felt-tip, sometimes in watercolour. All I think about is the colour and the character of the brush. I also paint through software, and over the past 25 years this has influenced my sense of what painting – in any of its guises – can do. I am uneasy about the term ‘digital art’, and just think of it as bringing computer graphics into painting. It changes the role of drawing in painting. It feels natural to draw in colour, to improvise, to work fast and without hesitation. But it does require groundwork. I want my pictures to be luminous, colourful and fluent; to be free, look arbitrary, or look unplanned. Watercolour is unforgiving. Achieving the illusion of effortless rhythm requires luck and persistence." James Faure Walker (b. 1948) studied at St Martins and the Royal College of Art.