Olwen Jones RWS RE

Olwen’s work is mainly concerned with natural form related to interiors. Complexity of composition and detail, and the superimposing of several viewpoints of the same subject are fundamental aspects. Windows and conservatories are a recurring theme, incorporating diffused light, reflections and the contrasts between natural forms and the surrounding geometric structures. Her watercolours stem from drawn studies, some of these drawings are complete in their own right. Though she gathers information directly from the subject, all the painting is produced in her studio. Olwen usually compose the watercolours from several drawings around the idea, letting her imagination also come into play. She starts by drawing in lightly a few of the main guidelines, then works directly with watercolours, very thinly, to exploit the luminosity of the medium. By painting in thin layers and with other techniques such a stencilling, she aims at a depth of vision which is somewhere between the abstract and the figurative.