Angus McEwan RWS

The role of the artist has been liberated from the bonds of representation by the development of photography and yet many like Angus find the greatest satisfaction in recording accurately. He travels because he enjoys the “buzz” of discovering something new for himself.  He doesn’t go to any place with a preconceived idea of what he will see or more importantly use. He tries to let his natural curiosity guide him to whatever he finds interesting at that particular point in time. He collect anything that appeals to him on his journeys and through time has amassed quite a number of curiosities of his own. These in conjunction with drawings, paintings and photography, have very often ended up as images which contain numerous elements of his journeys. Many of his paintings reflect his natural desire to record and observe, others reflect his opinions and points of view sometimes they contain both. The paintings themselves through the creative process become curiosities in their own right.