Nana Shiomi RE

Nana feels there is more than enough art accumulated over the ages. Her interest lies not in outwardly expressing her personal and sentimental views but presenting her own view of things while drawing upon, or quoting, existing art. All the time-weathered fragments that survived and are referred to today as "art" have historical significance, and each and every one is a symbol with a beautiful form that is indelibly imprinted on our mind's eye. Nana reorganizes those symbols in her own style, rearranges them according to her fancy or concept and hopes that the viewer will sense a “viewpoint”, a way of seeing things that hopefully is new and unique. Since coming to the United Kingdom in 1989, and living in a land not her own, Nana is constantly forced to think about issues relating to her own identity, and in recent years has grown more aware of her own roots.