Robin Richmond RWS

Robin moved to Rome as a young child and was educated at the British School, so it was natural for her to move to England where she has made her home since 1969. After five years at Chelsea School of Art, she had her first exhibition in London. She has held visiting professorships at the University of California and at Yale University, and is the author of nine books but her primary focus has always been on her own work as an artist. For many years she was also an Arts correspondent for the BBC. She now writes a popular blog.

Robin has exhibited her work internationally for over 40 years and her work is in many museum and corporate collections. She has a career with over 30 one-woman exhibitions in London’s West End, including 20 years with the Curwen gallery and many shows in the USA and France.


Robin’s work is on the very edge of figuration and abstraction, and is deeply rooted in landscape. The emphasis is not on literal transcription, but rather on the evocation of the spirit of place, recollected in memory. Her work takes her all over the world, and recent travels have yielded paintings which investigate the idea of reflection, both in its physical and metaphysical sense.


“It often seems to me that it is not a matter of making the painting, but finding the painting. It is drawing out, not drawing on”. Robin Richmond, Living Landscape.