Libby Lloyd ARE

Libby Lloyd's work explores the spiritual and temporal experience of a space. Her interest into 'human architecture' has led to her recent interest in outer space and the history of space exploration.  Her 2019 residency in Yinchuan, China inspired her proposal to explore that nations involvement in the exploration of outer-space, particularly their recent mission to the 'Dark Side of The Moon' and sending the 'TW - 1' rocket to Mars in 2020.

The artwork explores the idea of building human spaces for occupation. Image and colour are constructed using flattened picture planes, a formalist theory in Western Fine Art Painting and a reflection of the flat perspective depicted in Chinese Art History. It is an idealist and surrealist approach, enabling the viewer to depict more than can be seen by the naked eye.  The composition adopts a sequence of flat 2D perspective planes. The images draw on mythology, science fiction and the human condition, often rendered with neon colour and digital filters. The artwork illustrates the spiritual and the human desire to explore the Universe and the sentiments that seem to underpin every human story.


Libby is currently a research associate with the University of Aberystwyth, Wales.  She lives and works in Bristol and is an active artist member of Spike Print Studios.

She welcomes commissions, as some of her conceptual work is supersize and too large for the home environment.