Danielle Creenaune ARE

The central motivation in Danielle's work is the intrinsic dialogue between landscape and people, how landscape is perceived through our library of pre-lived experiences and the ways in which this is reflected through the visual language of gesture. Recent works describe a parallel notion of fragility with respect to the state of our current natural environment and the artist's own personal experience during a period of relocating to Australia after almost two decades abroad.


Danielle works in the techniques of stone lithography and Mokulito (lithography on wood), because there is a flow between the process, materials and image making. She walks and observes places while making quick sketches that later serve to situate herself back there with the movement, sounds and sensibilities. Back in the studio, she works on the matrix of stone or wood in a visceral manner creating a new landscape which taps into the feeling of being in that place.


Danielle was born in Australia, then lived abroad for the last 18 years but returned to Australia in 2019. She spent 5 years in London working for John Purcell Paper from 2001-2006,and during her 12 years in Barcelona, Spain, she set up her own print studio and undertook several artist residencies and delivered yearly summer printmaking workshops at the Centre D’Art i Natura in Farrera.