Carol Wilhide Justin ARE

Carol Wilhide Justin is an artist-printmaker who specialises in Japanese woodcut.


Time-consuming to produce, woodcuts are built up in a slow, exacting process, one layer at a time. In a world increasingly driven by the digital, Carol’s work celebrates the abiding value of the haptic and analogue.


Carol derives her inspiration from the natural world, the interplay of light and shade, and the mutability of time, movement, and memory. While the starting point for a print may be one of her own drawings or digital photographs, translating the image into a woodcut involves a deliberate and decisive reinterpretation of the subject, so that it is transformed in an atmospheric and emotional way, one that embodies the passage of time. This is reflected in her subdued choice of colour.


Carol teaches Japanese Woodcut her main art practice, at Morley College and City Lit, but also Bookbinding , Lino and Woodcut and printing onto textiles to BA students and adult learners at the Art Academy.