Katya Timoshenko ARE

The exploration of techniques in the printmaking process have enabled Katya to explore and communicate concepts that contribute to a multifaceted psychological space of introspection. Introspection has been a key investigation for her work and this introspection allows her to reveal herself to herself, as well as to others. A multi-layered facade of a world of emotions that touch on love, hate, frustration, expectation and inexplicable emotions even to herself. There is an historical sense to this art form which sits well with Katya’s practice. Multiple plate etchings that have different depths of bite, aquatint and ink viscosity that build on complicated stacks of layered inks and embossing all married by pressure. This becomes the technique of making that combines the concept of the introspected self and the physical being. This idea is fundamental to her practice and is a constant in the way that she produces work and the way she reflect on the viewer, viewing the consequence of herself addressing my alter ego.