Linocut Printing: In the Studio with Gail Brodholt RE


Gail Brodholt RE is a leading painter and printmaker of contemporary urban landscapes. She was born in South London to immigrant parents, her father Norwegian and her mother from Trinidad.


Gail's work is concerned with journeys, both actual and temporal, providing an outsider’s narrative on present day London, tinged with a certain nostalgia for the railways and tube trains.


“I suppose what I’m really interested in is those unconsidered and unnoticed places that people pass through. They are on their way to somewhere else, presumably more important – on the escalators, on the tube, train station platforms, motorways….

“I like the sense we all have that between here and there anything can happen. Although of course it almost always doesn’t. When you are travelling you are free from normal life with all the anticipation of an adventure ahead of you.” - Gail Brodholt RE


We were so excited to take a 'behind the scenes' tour of Gail's studio in Woolwich, London, and find out a little more about the process behind her recent linocut print, 'November Rain', which will be available in the upcoming RE Originals 2021 Exhibition!


Want to see more of Gail's work? Head to her page here.

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April 23, 2021