Laurel Holloman: DEEP DIVE

20 - 31 July 2022

This exhibition will now be taking place in July 2022.


For her second solo exhibition at the Bankside Gallery, Laurel Holloman takes a deep dive into the exploration of water and land and our relationship and connection to the earth.
With her distinct use of colour and movement, Holloman maintains her signature style by creating two dimensional depth in her pieces, displaying muted darker tones which recede into the painting and lighter tones that pop and dance on the canvas’s surface. Holloman continues to blur the line between abstraction and figurative work by using large bold brushstroke combined with delicate precisely placed smaller strokes. This a show not to be missed with paintings ranging in various sizes loaded with emotion.

Deep Dive exhibition is co-produced with Claudine Gil Gallery. The gallery bases its program on partnership with a group of selectively chosen female artists who produce site specific artworks allowing them to have full creative freedom of their own shows.

Their chosen mediums are as varied as painting, drawing, sculpture, installation and photography. Producing exhibitions exclusively in specific locations chosen by the artist themselves or in collaboration with public institutions,  this format allows the artist to occupy and use the space that best suits them to freely advance their personal artistic journey.



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