Quiz: What type of printmaker are you?

With so many different techniques and tools available to use for making an original print, deciding on just one can prove a little tricky. We've devised a short quiz to help you choose the method most suited to you.


Which of the following statements is most true about you? Pick the most appropriate answer for each section.



A. The combination of printmaking, painting and drawing appeals to you.

B. You like to work with materials that are easy to use.

C. You are happy to work with metal, needles and acid.

D. You like using materials that are affordable and readily available.



A. You enjoy adding unique hand colouring.

B. You admire woodcuts but find the material hard to work with.

C. You don’t mind complicated processes.

D. You don’t mind getting messy when you work.



A. Artistic spontaneity is important to you.

B. You like making decision and staying with it.

C. You like changing your mind.

D. You like a well-planned process.



A. You strive for translucency and light in your work.

B. You like a graphic image.

C. You enjoy creating detailed work.

D. You want a versatile method of making prints.



A. You admire the work of Degas, Pissarro & Bonnard.

B. You admire the work of Matisse & Picasso.

C. You admire the work of Rembrandt.

D. You admire the work of Andy Warhol, Robert Rauschenberg and Roy Lichtenstein.



A. You like the idea of each print being different

B. You want to be able to reproduce your image as many times as you wish.

C. You want to reproduce your image a large number of times, but knowing that there might be a limit.

D. You are interested in the commercial aspects of artwork production.



Mostly A's:

You’re a monoprinter. Your unpredictable personality is most suited to this method of printmaking.



Mostly B's:

You’re a linocutter. Economy and durability are important to you in your work. You don’t have a problem using man-made materials to create art and you may have an interest in wall and floor coverings.



Mostly C's:

You’re an etcher. You have an eye and a flair for detail and you’re a patient, contemplative type of artist.



Mostly D's:

You’re a screen printer. You see the commercial possibilities of art and you embrace modernity and new techniques.



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May 21, 2018