QUIZ: Which water-based media is for you?

Water-based media have been used by artists for centuries, and new ones are constantly developing. They are often more portable and practical than oils, and are vibrant and fluid. Many artists like the feeling of working with such a fundamental element as water. What better medium to represent life in than the element which sustains it?


But which water-based medium is best for you? Take our short quiz and find out!



Which of the following statements is most true about you? Pick the most appropriate answer for each section.


When you apply a second layer of paint, do you want that layer to be…

A. Translucent, showing the colour below

B. Opaque or translucent depending on my mood

C. Opaque and to sit cleanly on top

D. Translucent but still highly pigmented


Do you want your chosen media to be…

A. Quick-drying and difficult to rework. You like to rely on the freshness of the initial marks.

B. Quick-drying with qualities similar to that of oil paints if required

C. Quick-drying but still possible to rework when water is added

D. In liquid form and possible to draw or paint with


If it all goes wrong, do you want to be able to…

A. Chuck that piece of paper and start with a fresh one

B. Paint over the whole thing in opaque white and start again

C. Re-wet the paint on the paper and move it around a little bit

D. Keep adding vibrant layers until I reach the desired effect


Do you want a practical alternative to oil paints?

A. No, I prefer things a little more watery

B. Yes, I like the impasto look

C. I like the opaque qualities of oils but prefer a matte finish, so no

D. No, I prefer using media that is in a thin liquid form


Do you want to work in a medium...

A. Favoured by the old masters and easy to use on the go

B. That is modern and affordable

C. Available in tubes and pans that can create consistent solid colour

D. That I can draw or paint with


Which word best describes the kind of painting you would like to make?

A. Watery

B. Blocky

C. Chalky

D. Vibrant



Mostly A's

You are a watercolour painter! Tradition is important to you, and you like to make carefully planned, translucent, delicate paintings emphasizing the fluidity of the medium. All of these media (or any combination) are accepted entries to the RWS Contemporary Watercolour Competition. You can find out about all upcoming opportunities at Bankside Gallery here, or sign up to our newsletter to be the first to hear when new opportunities arise!



Mostly B's

You are an acrylic painter! Bold blocky colours, modernity and visual impact are your drug. 



Mostly C's

You are a gouache painter! You get the best of both worlds with the opaqueness of acrylic but the subtlety of watercolour.



Mostly D's

You are an ink painter! You enjoy the fluidity and vibrancy of the art your make, along with the ability to draw.




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November 8, 2018