Home is where the art is

There’s no doubt that art can be beautiful and thought-provoking. But is there much point in having it in our own homes?


Well – we certainly think so! And here’s why.


Artworks give a space atmosphere, character and depth.

Whether you are embarking on a redecorating project, or looking to revive a tired space, art is a good place to start in establishing the personality of a room. In an effort to transform your living room into a space with character and warmth, you’d be forgiven in thinking that a fresh lick of paint would do the job. But even the most adventurous of colour palettes can struggle to compensate for bare walls. Visually, artwork gives your walls added depth and character. From a design perspective, soft furnishings, wall colours and finishes are not only complemented, but they are enhanced by the addition of artworks. Bright, colourful spaces will often benefit from the addition of pieces with soothing palettes, whilst an artwork with a pop of colour can make a minimal interior really sing.

On an emotional level, artworks transform spaces into unique and engaging environments. Art is there for you and others to experience, appreciate and enjoy, and it is capable of providing a lifetime of gratification. We thrive in spaces that encourage a sense of exploration and visual expression. Like old friends or great music, art energises a room.


They encourage you to adopt an individual aesthetic, and enjoy the spaces you inhabit.

Humans have the capacity to appreciate many styles of art at many levels, but when it comes to selecting works for our own homes we are often more particular, seeking a certain atmosphere and aesthetic. You may be drawn to works that are evocative, calming, contemplative… works that nurture the soul. Or perhaps you prefer to be challenged by art, moved by it – taken out of your comfort zone. Whatever the reasoning, art is a wonderful means of building up an environment that is stimulating, dynamic and personal.

One of the most enduring qualities of art is its power to transport the viewer to an entirely different place and time. A piece of art can help you to hold onto a memory or a particular feeling; but it can also afford a unique opportunity to step outside of your own, familiar surroundings and into completely new worlds. Finding a piece of artwork that is evocative of a moment in time – be it one that you have experienced or one that you have only ever read about – is exciting and fulfilling. Introducing that into your everyday life is a joy.


Art is a powerful form of self-expression.

Consciously or unconsciously, the items that we gather over time say a lot about who we are and what we value. When we view a piece of art we have an immediate emotional response (be that positive, or otherwise) – our personal taste becomes a powerful form of expression, particularly when we embrace it and welcome it into our homes. This in turn can inspire thought and stimulate discussion; it can encourage people to ask questions, to reflect, and to consider not only new ideas but whole new perspectives. The very presence of artwork in a domestic setting opens the doors to sharing thoughts, feelings and impressions.


So, why buy art?

Ultimately, the joys that art can bring are endless – and there is no reason why these joys should be confined to the walls of a gallery or museum. The home is where we feel most at ease; where we house and protect the things we love, where we sleep, where we dream and where we reflect. Art strengthens and focuses our passions, our memories and our aspirations. If the environment around you reflects your individuality and your pleasures, it is bound to enrich your life.



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December 20, 2019