Lisa Chang Lee RE

Lisa Chang Lee ARE was born and raised in Beijing.  She obtained her Bachelor Degree in Fine Art from Central Academy of Fine Art, Beijing (2006-10) focusing on printmaking and a Master Degree from the Royal College of Art, London (2012-14), where she expanded her practice into multi-dimensions from traditional printmaking. She is now based in both London and Beijing.   

Lisa says, 'I’m always fascinated by the liminality between consciousness and unconsciousness, the way we interact the external world, people, and nature and the way it reflects on the realm of imaginary. I utilise various mediums from prints to computer programming, reconstructing abstract materials from the everydayness so to create seemingly familiar, yet surrealistic extraction of the everydayness. I see them as my other self as well as an inquiry on my position in this multicultural world.


Focusing on traditional printmaking during the study of my Bachelor degree, I was soon driven by the unique process of making prints and its transformation between materiality and immateriality. The shininess of a copper plate, timing exposure of a light-sensitive plate, let along the making of color separation all made me see the hidden layers of the visual world. I soon started to experiment other materials inspired by the method of printing, using LED light and transparent drypoint plate, then gradually began to involve digital photography, moving image, sound installation and other means inspired by the idea of deconstruction/reconstruction. Meanwhile, printing has always been an indispensable part of my practice, as my language of communication, expression and the key towards discovery.'


Lisa was elected as an Associate member of the Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers in February 2018.