Codomo Giura Guest RE

Codomo Giura is a contemporary artist, born in Tokyo, Japan in 1994. She moved to Spain in 2019 but is currently based in Tokyo.

Codomo studied film direction and media design at Nihon University College of Art in Tokyo. She creates photograph collages and videoS exhibited with sophisticated graphic designs.

Codomo means “kid”. Her works are based on pictures and digital devices but she does not rely on everything digitally. She believes the way to express art is not important. It doesn't matter what she uses for art, because she thinks technology is just a tool in this age and an image is just the result of a trend.

Memories are always the key in Codomo's work. The view of the observer is usually influenced by their own memory and evokes their impression of what they're seeing. She thinks it is based on the personal memory of each individual. She is mostly influenced from her childhood.

Additionally, her work is influenced by the ancient Japanese Shintou religion. In the Shinto way of thinking, animism is very important. The definition of God is quite ambiguous. Even plants, inanimate objects and natural phenomena can have a soul. Codomo thinks this ambiguity has something in common with memory, and tries to express this ambiguity in her work.